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I always loved writing and i started writing since i was in 7th standard. Earlier writing was just my hobby .I was always against the taboos prevailing in our society .I always wanted to talk about the social issues and see some changes in society .

As i grew up i decided to stand against these social issues and raise my voice out. So 11 years later in 2020 i started giving my little contribution for change in society by writing the blogs about various social taboos and discrimination in society .

I am here unlike other brands just to wake people up and influence them to stand against lies and raising voice for truth.

I always believe in change and and this is my contribution towards society. fairness and factualism are my beliefs.

Sprinkling drops of fairism to construct a better society

Some of my blogs are let’s make pride our pride,uplifting LGBT ,Let’s wipe it , HYMEN – NO MORE A VIRGINITY CHECK ,MYTHS BUSTED.

Contact info – [email protected]

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