right vs wrong


We all are stuck in the realm of right and wrong, OK , not OK, good and bad. There are no right things and wrong things.

Is it right to think about someone, while embracing someone else,
And if the one in your arms isn’t right
Then how’s the one in your thoughts wrong?

If your heart constantly pines for forbidden one,
Would it be wrong?
If it’s impossible to unseen them if they suddenly appeared,
If it is so then ,why they have arrived?
Is it wrong to even glance just once,
If its wrong ,then what’s right?
Who even decided what’s wrong and what’s right?

If there’s a punishment to steal ,
Then their should be one to hurt too,
If its right to fight wars in name of politics ,
Then why it’s wrong to call out the ones who use it in their favour,
If its right to divide in name of religion,
Then why it’s wrong to call out in procession?

If it’s right to love one person with your all heart then ,why does it feel wrong
When the only one he loves is not me?

And if he is right then why i am wrong
Is there even something between these said,
Right and Wrong?

People perform various actions some actions produce miserable consequences while some produce wonderful consequence. Every human being wants happiness and we do many things in this planet for happiness.

The theory of consequentialism best describe what’s right and what’s wrong.


Consequentialism theory of value judges rightness or wrongness of an action by consequences of the actions. If the consequence is positive it give rise to right action and vice versa

Doctors cut patients body and it’s like a murder but it’s for good cause and it’s called surgery. If its for bad cause it would be called murder

There are two main consequentialism theories listed below.

  1. Egoism
  2. Utilitarianism/


Egoism as a descriptive argument describes human nature as self-centered. It states that individuals only act in their own self-interest. Even where they appear acting in others’ interests. Egoism explains that the person is really motivated by their own self-interest disguised by arguments (rationalizations) of ‘doing one’s duty’ or ‘helping others’. Our motivation behind doing ‘good deeds’ may be is to make ourselves feel good and to make ourselves look good in the eyes of others because we believe that, by helping others, others will help us.

In addition we donate money to charity anonymously because doing this makes us feel good about ourselves. Egoism tells us that we should be acting in our own interests as overall welfare can be improved by this way . If everyone acts in their own self-interest, then society will become more efficient. Which will be in everyone’s interest. It is therefore morally right to pursue one’s own self-interest.

The man you call a thief, A murderer and A criminal. All are in pursuit of happiness. All they are doing is pursuing their happiness more vigorously than you and you can’t blame them.


Utilitarianism has three essential elements:

  • Consequence determine whether the action is right or wrong.
  • Amount of happiness generated by the consequence determines its value.
  • In assessing the total happiness caused to a number of people . Equal amounts of happiness are to have equal value. No one person’s happiness having greater value that another’s.

So, in conclusion It’s the consequence of the action. Instead of fixing your actions as right and wrong . You can operate out of your humanity. you are always looking for a good consequence for the maximum number of people . In that your actions will Convey your intelligence not your morality.

Right and wrong for us totally depends on consequence of a action
There’s no right thought and no wrong thought, all thoughts are borrowed

This is the way of life


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