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SELF CARE- In pursuit of ending insecurities

The most important relationship we have in our lives is one which we have with our own selves. We are not even taught about it. I want you to think about if we ever taught how to look after ourselves. Using self care we can help us to rich our lives, make us happier, combat our insecurities. Self care enable us to reach our potential.

Have you ever blamed your body. Like oh! That dress is so beautiful but i can’t wear it because i am fat. Oh! I have thick legs. We often blame ourselves.

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Body image is often associated with teenage boys and girls. Many of them are going to gym’s and they are even using steroids. So,that their pictures would get more likes if they have six pack abs or a hour glass figure.

When i used to see my self in mirror every morning. I used to hate my self as i see more pimples on my face everyday. But then i started understanding the relationship i have with my body and my self. By practicing the self care i was able to change my life .

I am writing this article to encourage you to start a journey of self care if you haven’t already started.

Influence of social media

It’s crazy these days we have lot’s of pressure and we have social media. With the rise in social media,now we really have a weapon of mass destruction. Destruction to ourselves and to our self esteem 24/7.

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I wana ask you a question. You people use social media. Have you ever lost deep in someone’s profile. Yeah! Thinking. Wow! They are living their dream life. Look at the couple they are so perfect. Wow! They are on amazing holiday. They have perfect life. We usually say things like that. And then we question ourselves . Why is only my life so bad? . The scary thing is that’s not real. Social media is curated, filtered and often brushed.

That’s why we need to taught about it. We need to taught how to look ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally.

Stop retouching your pictures that you own. Is that how you meant to look? Are you meant to be that perfect image? That’s wrong

Why we feel insecure?

We feel insecurity in very first place because from very young age . We have been conditioned to believe that our success and our happiness is highly dependent on our attractiveness.

Think about all the prince and Princesses we see. Slim, toned, tall, proper features. The magazines are celebrating their swear weight loss which is actually unhealthy. Because if we are insecure we are motivated consumer.

What’s a perfect body?

When we ask someone what’s a perfect body. We usually say tall, Toned, big Breast, small waist, six pack abs, straight hair, no flaws.

Is that real? No

Is that achievable? You will say yes but at what cost?

What are the sacrifices you do to attain that perfect body. It’s so detrimental to your physical and mental health. And guess what? Who wins from this battle. The brands, The magazines, The pharmaceuticals . Who loose? You loose.

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We need to embrace our body far more than that. We need to stop trying to attain perfection because we are good enough already. Imagine celebrating someone’s accomplishments, their personality, their moral and values. I think that’s beauty.

How to combat insecurities?

First thing we do, i am sure everyone do that is to see our insecurity in mirror. We need to change that.

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Stand in front of mirror . Pick out the five best things you love about yourself like you are creative, you are independent, you are a amazing friend and so on .

Now pick up five things that you love about your body like you are grateful for your hands, you love your eyes, you love your thick thighs and so on.

This way yo will learn many things you love about yourself. You will feel your value. You will feel proud of yourself . Not only it gonna change your life but it will also make you confident. It will change others life too as you are gonna empower others too.

This is the one way you can practice self care and combat your insecurities

Be grateful
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Another way is gratitude. I want you all to start making your gratitude list. Lets get started.

  • You are living even after this pandemic hit many
  • Be glad to have someone who loves you the way you are
  • You have a shelter to live
  • You have a cell phone to read my blogs

And list goes so on.

So, why the hell your one scar, your thick legs, your fat tummy try to brake you. Don’t let these things ruin your self.

mantras to live by
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No one but you yourself can determine the best self care practices for your life. I can only provide some guidance in the process of learning to care for yourself. I hope that this inspiring message can guide your self care practice and shift your mindset to understand the importance and magnitude of the power of self-care!

So, use that self care that knowledge to love yourself

With every act of self-care your authentic self gets stronger, and the critical, fearful mind gets weaker. Every act of self-care is a powerful declaration: I am on my side, I am on my side, each day I am more and more on my own side.”

-- Susan Weiss Berry

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6 thoughts on “SELF CARE- In pursuit of ending insecurities

  1. Wow….it’s quite challenging for us to write such big articles…One who read it, shall not feel insecure whatever happens in his/her life… Ur topics r always unique nd awesome..U hv a strong hold in literature as well….Keep it more up..

  2. Whenever I read your blogs & articles, I feel good because there are very few people who raise their voice and write something about the topics,which many people feel insecure to talk about.
    You are doing a great work.
    Your literature and thoughts are excellent.
    Always love to read your Blogs.
    Keep it up👏🏻.
    Keep writing ✍.

  3. Correct 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 self care is important rather than what we wear …as you said ” Now pick up five things that you love about your body like you are grateful for your hands, you love your eyes, you love your thick thighs and so on ” these lines wow 😍

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