Let’s wipe it

Menstruation, periods are considered as taboo since ages. LET’S WIPE IT OFF .In some societies it is still Perceived as unclean. In some societies it involves notions of uncleanliness while in some societies it involves EMPOWERING women and protecting them against stress.

picture shows the myth and the fact about menstruation
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Peeping into history

In some historic cultures, a menstruating woman was considered sacred and powerful due to Increase in their psychic abilities and strong enough to heal the pain.In Africa menstrual blood is used in most powerful magic charms in order to both purify and destroy. Since women’s blood is considered sacred, the belief is that it should be ritually set apart ,so because of this belief when sacred blood come in contact with profane things it becomes ritually dangerous and unclean.

Menstrual blood should be considered as source of feminine strength instead of feminine weakness.

Lets wipe this taboo off,                      

The time when women are considered impure,
The days of month when a woman turns into evil,
The days when she is treated unequal,

The expanding uterus stress ,
The shrinking uterus lining ,
The days she feel thousand moods,
The days her hormones are touching sky,
And , they say stay away from her,
Oh really! such myths even in 2020
Come on, lets wipe them off

Periods, menstruation,
A very natural phenomenon,
Then why to hide it?
Why not to discuss it in public?
Why to stay home?
Don’t you think periods are way better than unwanted pregnancy,

Grand maa used to say, don’t wash your hair on periods days ,
It may cause cramps
Ladies, listen to them
But yeah ,do it your way
Pads and tampons should be disposed off secretly,
It’s the same blood that’s running in your veins ,
It’s the same blood which keeps you alive ,
The only mess is superstitions

You know what, periods upsurge her sex drive too,
Aha! Ain’t it interesting

The society is so Hypocritical,
They celebrate child birth but obscure the periods,
Grow up man, it’s 2020
Talk to your sister, your daughter, your wife,
And ladies do whatever makes you happy,
Hot baths, ice creams, chocolates, popcorns or watch creepy  movie
You know what have a large size pizza for lunch

One can’t be pure by washing their body but purity comes from Pureness of mind

So people clean your head rather than her identity
Let’s wipe these myths man
It’s 2020

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