In today’s world technology is so prominent that its easy for us to forget that it wasn’t long ago that internet even don’t exist. With this advancement we get various platforms to interact with each other. It is in our nature as human beings to socialize.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter , Snapchat has brought more ways to satisfy our social needs. Today Smartphones and computers are not just in our homes . More and more schools are giving children access to technology they have never had before. This is a useful tool which help us to grow and learn.

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Social media also brings many dangers. With this type of social interaction . There exist a force which can’t only effect those who are with us but also million across the world.


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Bullying is not something new but certainly it has changed over the years. But this cyberbullying is not just confined to classroom. But people across the world are being tormented, embarrassed, targeted, threatened and harassed. This all is done through email, Instagram messaging and through other social medias.

No wall and environment is made to prevent this harmful process of cyberbullying. Because teens are online all the time. They are on social media 7 days a weak 24 hours a day. It can be anytime anywhere. They give victim no place where victim can feel safe.

Many people receive harmful, tormenting messages in their social media. These messages ultimately made them depress. These messages may be so depressing to someone that they would cause a great damage to them.

I wanna share some stories with you.

August 15 2020 actress and dancer Ayli Ghiya popular for her work in films like Hunterr ans Dry Day. Her Instagram page was hacked and her followers start getting vulgar and abusive messages. In her one of the interview she said ‘I am suffering with tremendous stress due to this cyberbullying and harassment’

A 17 year school girl committed suicide . Her friends uploaded a morphed picture of her on social media.

After reading this news i felt so heart broken . A girl younger than me felt that the only way out was to take her own life. She don’t even got opportunity to fulfill her dreams. But sad truth is that she was one of the countless many.

On January 2018 A girl in Karnataka killed herself. She faced harassment on whats-app

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According to research

19.2% cyberbullying occurs through social media sites and apps. A further 11% bullying occurs through text messages, while 7.9% occurs through video games as a source. 52% of people are cyberbullied

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Many of us are aware of it. However many of us fail to realize the root of the problem. The problem begins from the children and teens using social media.

How age affects bullying?

Lets look at how age effects the willingness to post offensive messages on social media.

The younger age group 12-18 are 40% are more likely to post something offensive message than older age group

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Now question arise ,why younger age? I read an article and it had a sentence. The sentence was ‘An adolescent brain is like a car without brakes, high speed, no pausing no thinking, no concern, they just act.

So ,why they just act? Our brain develop from back to front. The full development of front prefrontal brain occurs only after age 25. And front prefrontal brain cortex controls decision making skills. That’s why adolescents don’t think much before they act.

Many people say that social media is already doing stuff to stop this. Let me tell you what social media is doing. Social media sites are doing really nothing. Their mechanism is stop, block and tell method. Stop what you are doing be a victim. Block the cyber bully. Immediately go tell your parents, friends or guardian.

Pretty reasonable but what actually happens. We are quite afraid to tell people that we are cyber bullied. Research shows that 9 out of 10 times and don’t tell anybody.

How to stop bullying?

How do we evaluate what we are saying and how we are saying it.

An American speaker once said ‘ The way we teach our Children how to ride a bike, we can also teach them how to navigate through social media and make a right move’.

Before posting something online we need to ask Ourselves about the consequences of our actions. What will happen if we send it. If we ask Ourselves these questions. We can protect many people ans prevent the damage.

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Online we are behind the screen because social media is so faceless. Teens are free to say and do whatever without really thinking about that.

We need to ask ourselves is that something we would say in person.if you wouldn’t say it in person then why you are saying it on social media.

After we post something it’s easy for us to leave but the messages we have sent never gonna disappear. Every picture, every word we put on internet. Even we delete a post its still there in the minds of people who has seen it. And that footprint can do things we don’t even expect.

Take some time slow down. Think what you are saying. If you ever find yourself to post something lame on social media. Just take a minute and think what would be your response if someone do same with you.

Then we can stop ourselves from doing negative action. We can get positive and fare outcome rather than harmful and negative one.

We all need to take ownership of the cyberbullying.

Only we can prevent someone from becoming cyberbully or a victim.

We created this and we only have to end this. It’s our job to set boundaries. We need to ask ourselves tough questions by looking at bigger picture of how it effects ourselves and the ones around us. Whoever you are talking to if you know them or don’t know them. Your words have such a big impact. The messages we post are so important. Those few seconds mean so in future.

bullying victims are 9 times likely to commit suicide
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USE the words which are encouraging. The words that push people forward to believe in themselves. Words that would take a step towards deleting cyberbullying

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