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Change the LANGUAGE ,change the MOVEMENT

There has never been a better time to be a women.women has many opportunities to run business,companies,countries, they can control their personal, financial and sex life. We should feel optimistic but we don’t.

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So, here i am a woman , successfully Perusing my bachelors, enjoying my adulthood, and a budding blogger. I am Privilege like every other. No Questions!

As a woman , I am a minority and i don’t believe it’s a disadvantage. I always have opportunities and i describe myself as a student or a blogger not as a female student or a female blogger.

If i look back for the reasons of my achievements at a large extent it’s because of the support and love of the men in my life. My father, My brother, My mentor and my friends. And biggest advantage i have is self-confidence and belief.


I wasn’t aware of the word feminist earlier but i am now. I always get the uneasy feeling with the word feminism.

The word feminism subscribed to a very strictly male and female gender binary. When someone say, I am a feminist. I take it to me means that they see extreme differences between men and women and not so much similarities. It feels Polarizing.

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Why i am not a feminist?

People will say being a woman , i am not supporting the movement made for women. So, here i am clearing you why i am not a feminist.

  • I don’t want anyone specifically a feminist to tell me what i can and what i can’t do.
  • Don’t want to be judged by another women or anyone.
  • I don’t feel oppressed because i have confidence.
  • I already feel equal to men.
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Gender qualifiers/ Gender specific language

We put gender qualifiers in lot of things. Girl and boy colors, clothes, jobs but unfortunately these gender qualifiers are not unifying as they forces to focus on differences and if we see differences we cant be able to focus on similarities. Then we can’t reach the middle. If we will reach the middle we can live in truly equal society.

When we use gender specific language we usually bury the lead and we don’t put the spotlight on the issue that really matters. Let me tell u a headline i saw on news. The headline says “Gita Gopinath – first Indian women to appointed as the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)”.What if the headline would be “Gita Gopinath -appointed as the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) “. Would it make any difference? Then why we put gender qualifiers. We women don’t need gender qualifiers to describe our achievements.

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Gender qualifiers get in a way. So, does feminism. It is so focused on gender binary that it is leaving people behind. With people living behind i don’t mean just men but also women. There’s a organization called women against feminism.


When i had conversation with some people about feminism. Some said that it’s a movement against discrimination with women while other said this word is outdated and had no meaning. But all of them use the word equality while defining it. Everyone out there want equality and best way to reach there is to change our language.

Let me clear you how language change the effect of movement. ‘Gay marriage movement’ begin decades ago , but calling it a gay marriage movement allowed everyone to focus on difference between opp sex and same sex marriage but not on love between the two people. Later on the more powerful and new label to movement took hold ‘Marriage equality movement’. This change in label changed the whole conversation about the movement, now the movement become one word, one concept and gender neutral.

There are lots of words we have said good bye to because we have evolved beyond them. I know people will have trouble in giving up this word. They may feel that it devalue women but it will mean none of that. What it will mean is we will embrace a new word , a new concept that support all people in all their struggles and the word is “EQUALISM“.

I see the armor you wear
The Jewels and gems of wisdom you share
I see your shine
I see your pride
Believe in yourself
You don’t need feminism
Let your self free

You don’t have to be a feminist or use the word feminism to want equality. If equality is what we want equality is the word we should be using because when we Change the language we change the movement.

Life is not a competition between men and women. its a collaboration -David Alejandro

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9 thoughts on “Change the LANGUAGE ,change the MOVEMENT

  1. Equality above feminism. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Amazing skills โค๏ธ

    1. I don’t know who taught you about feminism but feminism is about equality and just because your father, brother or any other male in your family is good to you doesn’t mean that women don’t face injustice. You don’t know all those women right? You haven’t talked to all of them have you?
      It’s amazing how you define yourself, you’re an educated person but you are not “women”are you? Equality will not be enough to give justice to all the women out their who might not be as educated as you or me got be.
      Well you could’ve atleast tried to look into the matter more sincerely and also, in detail.

      1. I always do my homework really well before writing any article. If equality is what we all want and if feminism is all about equality then why the word feminism we could have a more neutral word Equalism and for justice we have various rights and laws in fact women have more rights than men and i never said women don’t face injustice but men also do then why the term feminism if we all want to give justice to both?. And yeah i am a very proud woman and talking against feminism won’t make you less of a woman

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