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Have you ever felt pain? What’s the first word you would say. Ouch! But unlike us animals don’t have voice to express their pain. To express the abuse they suffer,I thought of writing this article to raise my voice against animal abuse.

I wanna begin with two statements and want you to answer your self.

  • Animals should be treated equally
  • Animals should not be made to suffer unnecessarily

I think most of you people will agree to these statements . If i would ask these same question to anyone. I would likely find that most people will agree too. It’s not really surprising. Most of you have companion animals. Most of we get upset when we hear any story of horrible acts done to a dog or other animals.

Many animals are tortured violently and repeatedly. Every country in the world have some animal rights. These laws says that animals should be treated humanly. Animals should not be made to suffer. These laws are useless as they do nothing.


When we see the laws protect animals from unnecessary suffering. They seems professionally impressive. But it’s doesn’t take long to figure out that law prohibits causing unnecessary suffering but it permits necessary suffering.

Our laws prohibits unnecessary suffering but as soon as there’s human purpose. The suffering become necessary and protected. Animals become property and humans becomes property owners. A central rule of property is that the owner can use her thing however she sees fit. She can do whatever she wants with her property. But the thing itself had no rights.

Cows provide approx 100 million tonnes of dry dung a year costing Rs 5000 crores which saves 50 million tonnes of firewood which again means that many trees saved and more environmental damage prevented. It is calculated that if these 73 million animals were to be replaced, we would need 7.3 million tractors at the cost of 2.5 lac each which would amount to an investment of 180,000 crores. In addition 2 crore, 37 lakh and 50 thousand tonnes of diesel which would mean another 57,000 crore rupees. This is how much we owe these animals, and this is what we stand to lose by killing them


Every year 17 million to 22 million animals are intensively confined or mutilated in very painful procedures. The people who engage in this Institutional violence may be profit driven or desperate. In some cases intent can be very Nobel.

Imagine two people coming home at the end of the day. One of them has a horrible day he is in bad mood and dog isn’t stop baring. He has a stick in his hand and he beat this dog to make him stop barking. While the other person who is engaged in study about various treatments on wounds. She is returning home from the laboratory where she has beaten various dogs in pursuit of a study

First person has no real purpose. He may be punished for causing unnecessary harm. The second person will be protected by her Institution. May be rewarded with professional recognition. And her work will be published.


I decided to write this article . When i saw an image that disturbed me. So i felt compelled to learn more about animal abuse. How elephant becomes a circus performer. And how other animals are trained to perform.


We generally visit many circus . We pay a lot of money to just see animals getting tortured and just to put a show on for you. Trainers use harmful tools to force animals to perform. Elephants gets beaten by bull hooks until they bleed. They are forced to perform Uncomfortably and dangerous tricks.

Tigers are feared of fire but in many circuses they are forced to jump from the fire loop. Many get injured doing so.

96% of circus animals life is spent either in cage or wrapped in chains.

An invention that is recently released is the homographic device. It projects animated animals to perform tricks in circus. The best thing about this is animals don’t get injured and children get entertained.

Animal Abuse don’t just stop here. There’s much more


Many people nowadays gets pets as accessories. They don’t offer proper care to sustain their life.

Many pet shops dye dogs specifically chow chow to look like a panda. They also dye horse fur to look like unicorn. Just for financial benefits. They don’t considered that dye is harmful as it contains toxic chemicals.


Fashionable fur coats are taken from animals like fox and rabbits. These animals are still alive. Aggressively their fur is ripped off from the skin.

How can we be so heartless just to look fancy. This is so inhumane and insensitive.

In many countries bulls are forced to run for hours. Villagers throw darts at them causing them to bleed and eventually die.


You know aquariums are fun and educational. But what you don’t know is that the fish in their get injured and bruised from one side of their face. This is due to the shape of the tank. Since they only have one path to go through.

Around 8 million tones of plastic flows in oceans every year causing sea life to suffer to death.

These all are example of humans with no humanity

An improvement has been made recently is the elimination of plastic straws. Many well known cafe and restaurants and coffee shops switched to paper straws.

Another improvement i came across is submarine like robot that collect all the garbage that are dispose in oceans.

Animals too do feel pain but don’t have voice to speak up for their own rights. So, let’s be the voice of animals and protect them again violence.

. “How it is that animals understand things I do not know, but it is certain that they do understand. Perhaps there is a language which is not made of words and everything in the world understands it. Perhaps there is a soul hidden in everything and it can always speak, without even making a sound, to another soul.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett

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  1. You’ve always highlighted the issues which should be raised, and I’m so proud of you for that! More love & power to you, babe! Keep up the good work!🦋❤️

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