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I will be talking about a subject you all know is a taboo something that society really don’t like to mention ,MENTAL HEALTH


Mental health is your ability to cope up with stress and enjoy your daily life. It includes the way you think, act, feel and relate to others. When you fail to do so it leads to mental disorder and mental illness like Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia.

Scientists studied how certain areas of your brain effect your mental health. Example, the fear area of your brain called Amygdala helps you to avoid harmful things and escape dangers. Amygdala works with prefrontal Cortex to control your response to fear and stressful conditions. The Anterior Cingulate Cortex controls emotions.


One in four adults suffers from mental illness. Count your four friends around you and one of those four is suffering from mental illness.

You will never say to someone with broken bones to ignore their pain. You would never say someone with cancer you are just faking it all for attention. And would never say someone in wheel chair to just Stand its all In your head. you would obviously never say this to any kind of these person because they didn’t choose to be that way in their life. This should be same for any other sickness and disability. They didn’t choose to be that way so they can’t just snap out of it.

Unfortunately many people with mental illness have been told at least once in their life to snap out of it. Trust me if they could snap out of their anxiety and depression. They would have done it long ago.
Mental health is not physically visible to anyone. You can’t look at a person and tell them they are suffering from mental health problems. You can’t really judge anyone who’s mentally sick or who’s not. That’s why it kind of doubted in our society because you can’t really see it.


Today i wanna talk about the most common Illness that is ANXIETY. Every year it takes 42 billion dollars to treat anxiety. To show you the impact that anxiety have on people i will just mention that anxiety can lead to depression, school dropout, suicide, relationship breakdown etc. The rate of anxiety continue to crawl among adults, adolescents and even children. Every year we see the loss of celebrities and prominent personalities to suicide. Still we aren’t Courageous enough to talk about it. Why?

Many people don’t know about it that’s why they sweep it under the rug and just say you need to get over this weakness. But mental illness is so much more than that. A reason why most of the people don’t think it’s important because they don’t really know what it is. Is it your personality, Is it an illness, is it normal situation or what actually is it?

It’s important to differentiate what is normal anxiety from what is anxiety disorder. Normal anxiety is an emotion that we all get when we are in stressful situations. Example: let’s say you are in woods and you saw a lion. This would probably make you feel anxious . You probably wanna start running like crazy. Now this anxious feeling you get is good because it protects you. Normal anxiety helps you to meet deadlines at work and deal with emergencies in life.

But when this anxiety is taken to the extreme and arise in situation which don’t poses a real threat than you might have anxiety disorder


Now in spite of whatever mental illness you are suffering with their is always something you can do to lower it. It works and it’s simpler than you might think. Most of the people are given medication for mental illness but it doesn’t always work in Long run. Symptoms often come back, back to where it started. So, here’s something else you can considered. The way you cope or handle things has direct impact on how much anxiety you are experiencing. If you tweak the way you are coping then you can lower your anxiety.
So, what are some of the coping resources and how we can use them to lower the stress.

Feeling like you are in control of your life

People who feel that they are more in control of their life have better mental health. If you are lacking in control of your life then research shows that you should engage in experiences that give you greater control.

I tell you what i mean, Do you sometimes find that you put off starting something, just you don’t feel ready enough . Do you find it hard to make decisions. Do you tend to waste a lot of time what you might do while nothing gets done. A way to overcome this and lack of control in life is to do it badly.

There’s a quote says “ANYTHING WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING BADLY THE FIRST TIME” the reason why this work so well because it speeds up decision making and make you to do actions otherwise you will spend hours deciding how you should go about doing something or why should you do. This can be paralyzing and can make you afraid if even begin.

So often we wanna do something perfectly . We don’t start until we get the perfect time, perfect skills but this can be stressful. Then you not just jump into it without worrying much. This will make it much easier to start something. As you will do it badly to finish it when you look back you will realize actually it’s not that bad.

This moto will give you wings to take risk, to try something differently and enjoy the process. This will take your anxiety out of everything and turn it into excitement.

Forgive yourself

Forgiving yourself is very powerful if you use it. People with anxiety thinks lot about what they are doing wrong and how bad they are feeling. Imagine you have a friend who constantly points out everything that’s wrong with your life. You would probably wanna get rid of that person. Wouldn’t you?

People with anxiety do this to themselves all day long. They are not kind to themselves. So, may be it’s the time to start being kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for any mistake you think you have made few minutes ago to mistake you have made in past. If you ever had a panic attack and felt embarrassed about it forgive yourself .

Forgive yourself for anything and everything this will give you great compassion towards yourself. You can’t began to heal until you do this.

Have a purpose and meaning

Having purpose and meaning in life is very powerful mechanism. Whatever we do in life. Whatever we produce. How much money we make we can’t be fully happy until we know that someone else need us. Someone else depends on our accomplishments or on the love that we have to share. It’s not that we need other people good work to keep going in life but if we don’t do something with someone else in mind than we would have higher risk of poor Mental health.


Doing something with someone else in mind carry you from toughest times. you will know the why for existence and you will be able to bare all the pain.

Share this knowledge with other people specially with those who need it the most. With the people who don’t have money for therapy and those who have highest rate of anxiety disorder. Give it to them share it with them because it can really improve your mental health.


Thoughts of quitting my life visits me,

During my weakest moments,

Your voice told me I have nothing left,

I fall for your killer eyes,

I am an innocent child who believed your lies,

A deal with you I made ,with suicide my life I will take.

But then I realized ,what will be my legacy?

How people I love will remember me?

Will they be emotionally scarred or simply hurt by me,

No suicide, You are a stupid move.

And I’d be a fool to fall for you.

I’ll dig deep inside, cherish my life and find the strength to live.

Because, I wasn’t born to loose, I was born to win


At last i wanna say try not to blame yourself for anxiety and depression. You didn’t put it in your life. It was not your choice. Don’t be quite for your illness anymore. Don’t be afraid to tell everyone who are you.

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